CoinDCA | Free Cryptocurrency Dollar Cost Averaging

It's not too late to get into bitcoin! You don't have to time the markets. Most serious bitcoiners use the dead simple Dollar Cost Averaging strategy, which just means buying a little bit on a regular basis. Check out this site showing the returns this strategy has given, even if you started at the worst possible times.

Still a no-coiner, but want to get in? Don't put in a thousand bucks, hold your breath, and hope it goes up. That's asking for heartache! This is a long journey, so take it one step at a time. Just put in $10 a day, and forget about it while your coin balance builds.

Want to be a whole-coiner, but can't spare ten thousand bucks? Don't worry about it! Just put in a small amount every day, wait patiently, and you'll get there eventually. Dollar cost averaging lets you buy more coins when the price drops.

Already using Coinbase Recurring Transactions? CoinDCA can automatically place small daily orders, allowing you to gain continuous exposure while avoiding recurring transaction fees. No more watching the price drop the day after your monthly buy. No more spending $10 to get $7 worth of value.

Fast & Easy

Enter your API credentials, set up recurring buys, and then go have a beer. We'll submit orders for you each day, and make automatic withdrawals from your bank account if you'd like, too.

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Fully Customizable

Pause or adjust your recurring buys with our control panel. Buy as many different currencies as you like.

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Free Service

The service is free and you pay only the 0.15% fee that Coinbase charges. A $10 purchase will cost you 1.5 cents.

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CoinDCA uses the Coinbase Pro API. We don't store your coins, and simply submit orders on your behalf. We run on Google Cloud, using security best practices.

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