Who are you?

CoinDCA was made by me, Mark Neyer. I've been interested in Bitcoin for a long time. I decided that just periodically buying small amounts of bitcoin was something I wanted to do. I was using Coinbase, and found myself annoyed about paying fees. I had a simpler system working for my own use, and I realized this system may be able to help others.

I've had help on marketing from my bother Jay Neyer. Jay has 7 years of experience in digital marketing and consumer products. Other subjects he is passionate about include languages, piano, fitness, and lucid dreaming.

Why are you doing this? How do you make money?

This site costs me very little to host. If I can get lots of people using it to buy bitcoin every day, then my bitcoin go up in value. That seems like a good deal to me. It has felt incredible to see people use this tool, and to know that I'm helping other people build up their bitcoin position.

If you really want to contribute, tell your friends about us.

If you REALLY want to send some money, then send satoshis to 3L2jci1fKXCEghws53EcQUoVsTVKZakZhE. Thanks!

Who uses this site?

The site processes several hundred dollars worth of transactions every day. Some users are personal friends, some are total strangers.

How does this work?

The algorithm is super simple: you create a “buy plan” to buy X dollars worth of a single cryptocurrency each day. We tell coinbase to buy $X worth of that coin, every day. If your orders are under the $10 minimum, the system will batch those orders up - So if you want to buy $1/day, the system will place a $10 order every 10 days.

There’s also a Deposit Plan you can set up, to make sure your exchange account has a balance. Otherwise the orders won’t get filled, since you need a dollar balance in the exchange to submit orders. The deposit plan submits deposit requests once a month. You get an email from coinbase whenever this happens.

Why should I trust you with my API credentials?

This is an excellent question. If you know me personally, you know what kind of person I am. If you don't know me personally, you may be able to get a referral from someone who either knows me, or is using this site. If you don't feel comfortable signing up with that kind of referral, then good for you! That is exactly the right kind of attitude to have about protecting what matters to you. I would rather have people turn my site down, not knowing if they can trust it, than have them sign up without giving the matter serious consideration.

Can you see my bank account details?

No. The access we have via coinbase does not give us any information about your bank account directly. All we have is an indentifer to the information that coinbase has.

Where do my coins go? The coinbase balance isn't increasing!

Purchases go into your coinbase exchange wallet, not the regular coinbase wallet. You'll need to log into the coinbase pro website to see your balances.

Why are there turtles everywhere?

Turtles have extremely low time preference.

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