CoinDCA | CoinDCA Shutdown Notice

CoinDCA is Shutting Down

This page is to inform you that CoinDCA will shut down and cease all operations on April 10, 2021. If you want a better way of buying bitcoin every day without onerous fees, check out Swan Bitcoin.

New account signups are disabled, as are new deposit and buy plan creations. The only changes you can make at present are to disable or turn off buy plans or deposits.

I hope to release the source code after some review, so that if other people want to carry this project forward, they can.


I started this project in 2018 because I wanted to buy bitcoin every day and not pay any fees. After I got a solution working for myself, I figured other people might want to use this service. I put up the site, and at first there was a very small trickle of people.

In the past few months, this service use has blown up much farther than I had anticipated. The volume of support requests is now enough that it's imposing on my family, at a time when I have massive obligations just to my immediatey family - young children and aging parents.

Thank You!

I am immensely grateful to everyone who has written to me and expressed thanks for providing a free service. It is not an exaggeration to say that this project has given me rewened faith in humanity - yes, many people made requests, but I believe everyone who wrote to me said thank you. I feel humbled to imagine that I have been able to play a small, positive role in the lives of strangers all over the world.

Keep on stacking. I believe the world outside is insane right nown because we are in the end phase of 50 years of a fake-money economy. Save as much as you can, focus on your loved ones, and do not worry about the future. Just stack your sats and believe that so long as you make sound judgements each day, the future will take care of itself. That is the advice that has served our ancestors for millenia, and it is the path that bitcoin brought me back to. I could not have imagined it would also have given me faith in humanty - but perhaps that is more to your credit.

Thank you, everyone.

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